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Ceo of the Week: Shawndria Dennison

Shawndria a native of Gainesville, FL. was born into a POWERFUL bloodline.

She has worked in the private and public school system. Shawndria attends the greatest church on this side of heaven, Compassionate Outreach Ministries in Gainesville, Fl. In addition to her teaching career, Shawndria has been active in her parent's ministry for over 20 years.

Shawndria graduated with an associate's degree in allied health in 2007. She studied and took courses on branding and marketing in 2015, worked at multiple local businesses as their brand specialist in 2016, was ordained as the Youth Pastor at her church in 2018, and

Her Academy

established High-class Educated Role Models® Empire as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and High-class Educated Role Models® Empire & Co., Inc., as a for-profit in the state of Florida in 2020. She is the founder and CEO of High-class Educated Role Models® Empire & Co., Inc., which is locally and globally known as Thee H.E.R. Empire, a dual business entity with a nonprofit organization that’s dedicated to developing girls to be positive role models in their local schools and communities, and encouraging women to be a ray of sunshine and hope in a dim lit world! At H.E.R. Empire, under the direction of the founder and CEO, Shawndria, we push, pray, and mold women of all ages, races, and creeds to walk in their destiny and fulfill their God-given purpose. Shawndria and the business entities of H.E.R. Empire have provided many arms of reach of support and resources to its community, state, and the globe. Shawndria and H.E.R. Empire cares for women, young and old, spiritually and holistically. Shawndria believes that girls and women should experience mental, spiritual, financial, and physical healing and freedom!

Throughout the years, God has allowed Shawndria and her companies to accomplish many successful contracts and profitable opportunities. Yet, there's one accomplishment God has favored Shawndria to achieve and she gives Him all of the glory for, and that is opening North Central Florida and Alachua County's first and Florida’s only active, all-girls preparatory preschool which is known as, H.E.R. Academy (High-class Educated Role Models® Academy) in the beautiful city of Gainesville, Fl.

As of today, Shawndria’s life and companies are still evolving… Eyes haven't seen,

nor ears have heard, all of the good things God has in store!

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