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Ceo of the Week: Shalakemia Moffitt

Shalakemia Moffitt is a native of Pennsylvania, with a heart and a vision to empower others worldwide. With an extensive online following and 100 million views on social media, Shalakemia has been recognized as a voice that is changing the culture. She is shattering proverbial glass houses and injecting awareness into spaces that otherwise have been silenced. Her controversial speaking topics open up an honest, interactive dialog about gender roles in relationships, domestic violence, suicide, and depression.

Shalakemia is a creative visionary who is passionate about equipping those with entrepreneurial ambitions. She speaks from personal experience and has cultivated confidence that only comes from overcoming the odds.

“I created my brand on my experiences; from the pain, joy, and love I faced throughout my life. I am a survivor of teen pregnancy, domestic violence with repeated suicide attempts, being a high school dropout, a two-time suicide attempt survivor, and suffering depression.

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