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Alabama Gubernatorial Candidate Yolanda Flowers Issues Statement On Inmate Strike

Alabama Governor Candidate Yolanda Flowers, First Black Female Candidate To Be Nominated Democratic Party

Alabama Governor’s race candidate, Yolanda Flowers issues a statement about the Alabama Department of Corrections strike in which prisoners are calling for better treatment.

My Dear Alabama, toiling over the conditions of our prison system has broken my heart to see how ‘Conservatism’s’ head continues to wag while God shows the world that the Spirit of Bondage remains in Alabama and our leaders are not doing anything about it.

The prison system is in a crisis. Under the current leadership, the Alabama prison system is severely understaffed, overcrowded, and only 15% of eligible prisoners are granted parole which goes against their recommended guidelines. Black prisoners were granted parole less than half as frequently as white prisoners. It is time to take the thumb from our incarcerated citizens' throats and ‘let them go’,so they can become productive, healthy members of society. It is time for bold and progressive leadership to get Alabama back on track. As the next Governor of Alabama, I plan to focus on repair and rehabilitation within the prison system.

Fellow Alabamians, I will continue to pray for each one of you.

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